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Week 476 - Interesting links

Discussing cheese, and a bit of politics, with Jeremy Corbyn

We were sorry to miss this event at Space4 a couple of weeks back, but kudos to Outlandish for getting Jeremy Corbyn’s attention and telling him all about CoTech! JM

Using technology for monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning

This is an event organised by NetSquared London which is being held at Space4 to help charities make the best use of technology. We’re sponsoring the food and drinks. JM

10 reasons why I love working at our not-for-profit digital co-op

While we’re don’t operate exactly like our fellow CoTech co-op, The Developer Society, there are definitely a lot of similarities. JM

Are you a senior designer?

I came across this article via a tweet from Ben G. Like Ben I think this applies just as much to all senior positions and, despite all my years of experience (yawn!), it reminded me that there are still some important things I’m not always very good at! JM


I have some relatively fond memories of developing software using Delphi back in the late nineties. I was extremely surprised to discover that it still exists! Via a tweet from Charles Nutter. JM

Happy Birthday Webarchitects

Our friends at Webarchitects are celebrating 20 years in operation as a co-operative. It’s really inspiring to see a tech co-op that’s been around for so long and we wish them all the very best for the future. CL

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