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Week 475

We’ve worked from a number of TOG offices (including trying their Black & White building - it was quiet but not quite as comfortable as some of the others) and from home. Chris took a day off on Wednesday for some travel and I’m off to Belfast today.

We’ve continued to focus on the Asset Manager project as we enter the last couple of weeks of the project. Having got all of the Whitehall attachments uploaded to Asset Manager, we’ve been concentrating on adding all the necessary functionality to Whitehall/Asset Manager to allow us to serve them: including storing/sending the size of assets in Asset Manager, allowing Asset Manager assets to be access limited and redirecting when an older asset is replaced. This is proving somewhat trickier than we’d hoped but we’re doing our best to get it done before we handover to a team at GDS. We had one of our final catch-ups with GDS on Tuesday and explained that it’s possible we’ll have to continue for an additional week past our contract end date (at cost to us, naturally).

We hosted our 41st Show & Tell at Forge & Co on Wednesday. We had a good turnout, including a new attendee, and a good evening despite the cold conditions. As always, get in touch if you’re interest in joining us at a future event.

I spent a while going through some code and documentation for a potential new project. It’s a bit out of our comfort zone but looks interesting and we’re hopeful we can get involved.

In slightly less positive news, we were rejected for another DO&S opportunity we applied for. It was a bit speculative as it was for some coaching (something we’ve not particularly done before) but it’s still a bit disappointing to hear that we didn’t meet their requirements.

And with that slight downer out of the way let’s finish on a high note.

Chris recently decided to bring his Web Audio Weekly newsletter into the GFR fold and we received the first payment for a job advert this week. Non-client-work revenue streams here we come!

James had a positive experience with an issue opened on Mocha: not only was the issue addressed by another user, but the original submitter took care of closing the issue they created. That’s the sort of open source interaction we like :-)

Chris did a great job in helping get the first CoTech newsletter sent out today. This has been discussed within CoTech for quite some time so I was really pleased to see it in my inbox this morning.

I think that’s about all for this week. Until next time.

– Chris

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