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Week 471

Note that I’m writing these notes about 3 months late - sorry!

Chris R and I worked in various TOG offices and Space4 this week with Chris L continuing to work remotely.

Asset Management

We had our usual catch-up meeting with Daniel on Tuesday.

This week we finally managed to migrate all of the non-attachment assets from Whitehall to Asset Manager and started serving them from Asset Manager. We also started spiking on supporting attachment assets from Whitehall in Asset Manager and in particular requiring authorisation for attachments on draft documents.

We’ve spent quite a while helping diagnose problems in the new AWS-based integration environment and continued to suffer from problems with it, although now the problems were to do with failures in the overnight sync-ing of assets from the production environment, rather than problems with the environment itself.


On Wednesday Chris R gave a presentation about GFR at the inaugural CoTech Monthly Meet-up, “Discover why we chose to own our companies, and how they work!”.

He talked about the history of GFR, our company structure, the tools and processes we use to run the company without a boss, and the benefits and challenges of working the way we do. I think Chris did an excellent job, but you can judge for yourself in the video!

On Friday we held our usual company meeting in a TOG meeting room with Chris L participating remotely via appear.in on the big screen which seems to work well for us.

That’s all folks!

– James

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