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Week 469

We worked from TOG Bloomsbury, TOG Whitechapel, TOG Old Street and from home during the week. Chris was away on holiday from Tuesday to Friday.

We spent the week focussing on our Asset Manager project. We’re in the final 8 weeks of the project and we’re very aware of how much is left to do!

Asset Manager

We had our regular catch-up with GDS during the week. We’ve achieved quite a bit since our last catch-up but I think that was somewhat overshadowed by the amount we have left to do, and the limited time we have to do it.

James managed to remove a large number of assets that were being stored on NFS and has started to investigate how we’re going to support draft/public assets in Asset Manager.

Chris tried to migrate the remainder of non-database assets from Whitehall to Asset Manager but ran into a problem when a deployment happened part way through.

I spent some time investigating a problem with migrating Whitehall assets containing non-ASCII characters in their filenames. It turns out that the version of CarrierWave in Whitehall is more permissive than the version in Asset Manager.

We were further disrupted by the move of the GOV.UK integration environment to AWS. I think the move generally went well but we noticed a couple of problems with Asset Manager that we helped fix.

Show & Tell

We hosted our 40th Show & Tell at Forge & Co during the week. We had a good turnout and it was a really enjoyable evening. I hope to have the write-up published this week.

Until next time.

– Chris

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