James Mead by James Mead

Week 461

This week we spent time working at Space4, TOG Whitechapel, the GDS office, TOG Bloomsbury and from home. I took a bit of time off to sort out some personal admin and Chris L went for a holiday in the Cotswolds.

We continued our work on GOV.UK asset management for GDS. Progress was slower than we hoped, because of the time it took to co-ordinate changes across a number of repositories and get those changes deployed or applied in the relevant environments. Chris R & Chris L visited the 2nd Line Support and Infrastructure teams at GDS on Tuesday to help move things forward.

Chris L caught up with some DataKind UK folks over lunch on Tuesday. DataKind place data scientist volunteers in charities and social enterprises. Chris previously did a placement at Age UK Islington, but more recently he’s been helping out with screening/interviewing volunteers.

We made a start at organising our company Christmas party having belatedly realised that Chris L was going to be away from the beginning of December - oops! Chris R booked the event space at Space4 for Thursday, 23 Nov, and sent out a load of invitations.

We spoke to Harry from Outlandish about hiring another co-op to help put together a joint pitch to a large coop-friendly organisation. We expressed our interest and agreed to cover a portion of the estimated costs.

I booked our train tickets for the 2nd annual CoTech retreat at Wortley Hall which is only a couple of weeks away.

Chris L upgraded our company Slack account to a paid plan. I can’t remember why we decided to to this, but I’m pleased that we’ll now have a full history of all our internal chat.

Until next time.

– James

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