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Week 460 - Interesting links

Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails

I recently signed up for a free email series, “Object-Oriented Programming isn’t worth it” by Avdi Grimm, which offers a bit of a taster of this course. JM

Vim after 15 years

I’ve recently been thinking seriously about switching back to using Vim instead of Atom as my main editor and I found it interesting to read about the state of the art with Vim and its plugins. On similar lines I was interested to see that Drew Neil’s new book, “Modern Vim”, includes a lot of info about Neovim which seems to have some great features. JM

Lessons from Mondragon

Harry from Outlandish shares his reflections on a recent trip to visit the Mondragon Corporation a huge federation of co-operative business in the Basque region of Spain. In particular what CoTech, our own fledgling federation of co-operative technology firms, can learn from Mondragon. Keeping structures simple, focusing on the business and improving how we work together were the points that resonated most strongly with me. CL


This open-source realtime P2P collaborative editor looks really promising, especially as it includes support for Markdown documents. We currently use Google Docs for this kind of collaboration, but the fact it doesn’t support Markdown means that the user experience isn’t that good. JM

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