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Week 452 - Interesting links

Patterns for Decentralised Organising Workshop

We’re planning to attend this workshop run by Rich and Nati from Enspiral. They contribute to Loomio a software tool for decision making in decentralised organisations. We’ve been using Loomio within CoTech and are really keen to learn more about scaling the kind of decision making we use at Go Free Range to larger, more distributed organisations. CL

ATM fees abroad: Asking the Monzo Community to decide pricing

When we were exploring the possibility of setting up a Credit Union, one of the points in our manifesto was:

Operate a banking entity transparently and for the benefit of its members

So I’m really pleased to see Monzo being so transparent - they explain the underlying costs and suggest three possible solutions all of which aim to be non-profit-making, easy to understand, and fair. Apparently most of the underlying costs are incurred by a small percentage of their users. I can imagine that percentage might be quite vocal, but hopefully Monzo will come to a decision that’s fair for everyone. JM

Space 4: A co-working and events space in the heart of Finsbury Park

Recently we (particularly Chris L) have been helping Polly from Outlandish put together this simple website for the co-working space. We’ve been enjoying working there 1-2 days a week and getting to know the other members. I think most of the co-working desks are now taken, but if you’re interested in hiring a meeting room or an events room, do get in touch with Polly. JM


I came across this open-source project management tool recently when Aaron from Agile Collective invited us to use it to collaborate on the planning of the upcoming CoTech retreat at Wortley Hall. We use Trello for this kind of thing at Go Free Range - but Tagio looks like a very polished and open alternative. I look forward to using it some more. CL

House Address “Twins” Proximity

This account of finding the the shortest distance between two houses with the same number and street name made me laugh and is well worth a read. JM

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