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Week 451

G’day folks,

We started the week with a productive company meeting and retro (postponed from the previous Friday) and came up with a plan for our GDS work during the week. Unfortunately James’s week was cut short as he was taken out by a cold/flu on Tuesday afternoon. It sounds as though he’d mostly recovered by the end of the week (yay) but not quite enough to allow him to make a planned trip to Snowdon over the weekend (boo).

We split our time between working on the Asset Manager project and getting involved in the organisation of the next CoTech event at Wortley Hall.

Asset Manager

We hit a bit of a milestone this week when we started serving a percentage of asset-manager requests by proxying to files stored on S3. Initial investigation into the effect of the change suggests that this is all working as expected. We’ll check this once we have more data but we’re fairly confident we should be able to roll this out for all asset-manager requests in the near future. Hitting this milestone also unblocks the next stage of work and will hopefully mean that we can start making progress more rapidly.

Chris and I had one of our regular catch-up meetings with Daniel and Antonia on Wednesday. It was great to have something positive to report after quite a few weeks of investigative work that didn’t really have any obvious outputs.


Chris and I spent Friday afternoon at Space4 with about 15 other CoTech members. Aaron of Agile Collective did a great job of running the meeting and helping us come up with the beginnings of a plan for the next Wortley Hall event. We’ve offered to help where we can and have pencilled in a follow-up meeting for about a month’s time.

Until next time.

– Chris

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