Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 450

Howdi folks,

It’s been a short week for GFR. Monday was a bank holiday, James was off yesterday and today to go sailing and I’m getting ready to leave for a weekend in Snowdon.

We had planned to work together at TOG on Tuesday but overrunning engineering works at Waterloo prevented me from making it in. Despite me being remote we still managed to have a productive company meeting and retrospective using a Slack voice call. We’ve used Slack voice calls a few times recently and, anecdotally, they feel more reliable and of higher quality than using or Google Hangouts.

James and Chris worked from Space4 (the Outlandish co-working space) on Wednesday and had an enjoyable lunch with fellow co-workers and a few of the Outlandish folks. Chris has also created the first draft of the Space4 website. I love that it’s a single HTML page :-)

We’d organised our monthly drinks for Wednesday but had to cancel at the last moment when it became clear that none of us could actually make it. We hope to resume this regular programme next month.

We spent the remainder of the week working on the Asset Manager project for GDS. We’re continuing to make good progress toward our milestone of being able to proxy asset requests to S3 in production. It feels as though we’re very close to having ironed out any inconsistencies between the HTTP interfaces of serving the assets from NFS vs S3. Once these are out of the way we’ll be left with the relatively simple task of uploading all existing assets before we can start rolling this out in production.

Have a good weekend, folks.

– Chris

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