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Week 441

Having returned from an unsuccessful attempt at the Mont Blanc 80km (I missed the cut-off at about the half way mark) I was away again on Monday to move our houseboat to the boat yard.

James returned from his break in the Isle of Wight on Tuesday and then took the later part of the week to sort a few things at home.

Thanks to Chris for holding the fort while James and I were away.


Prompted by a discussion about the complexity of developing the existing CoTech website, James and I spent some time spiking on an implementation in Jekyll. We’re confident we can do everything required of the current site and think that such a migration will leave us with a simpler system. We started drafting a document to use as the basis of a proposal in Loomio.

Asset Manager

I joined Chris in getting stuck into the Asset Manager work for GDS. We started by digging into the problems we’re trying to solve in order to help us prioritise our work. Feedback from Daniel Roseman helped us formulate a bit of a bit of a plan of action. Chris started to investigate how we might use S3 to store assets.

Smart Answers

I spent Friday reviewing a pull request in Smart Answers. The idea is to split the introduction to the Smart Answer (the page that contains the “Start” button) from the actual content of the Smart Answer. Familiarity with the Publishing API (due to our work with Manuals Publisher) and with Smart Answers means that I hope I can provide some useful feedback about this change. Ideally I’ll pair with the developers involved as I think that’s going to be more effective (and easier) than trying to communicate asynchronously via comments.

Becoming a coop

Chris finished converting the Model governing document for a Worker Co-operative Company Limited by Shares from a PDF to HTML and has made them available on GitHub. The hope is that we can track the changes we make to the model document if we decide to adopt them ourselves.


We met the ever energetic Tom Hall for a drink on Tuesday. We had a good evening chatting about work, coops and CoTech.

James and I hosted our monthly drinks at the Temple Brew House on Wednesday. It wasn’t too busy and they had a huge selection of delicious beers. We were even joined by GFR alumnus Tom W!

That’s all for now. Until next time, folks.

– Chris

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