James Mead by James Mead

Week 438

The big news is that Chris L’s son Noah arrived on Sunday - congratulations to Chris & Adri!

With Chris L on paternity leave, Chris R having some friends over on Monday afternoon, and James taking Tuesday & Thursday off, this was a pretty quiet week work-wise.

Early in the week, in the light of our spike into “fully migrating” the Manuals Publisher app (to use the Publisher API as its canonical persistence mechanism), we came up with an estimate for how long it would take to do this work. Later in the week, once we’d heard back from GDS, we made a start on making the changes for real.

Chris R spent some time investigating how to consolidate the CoTech mailing lists. For example, now that we have public forums, he thinks that the public mailing list is now redundant. However, in thinking about this he got sucked into a bunch of related issues.

On Friday, Chris R & I went to visit the Outlandish office near Finsbury Park to have a look around their nascent co-working space. The office was understandably quiet after the General Election the night before, but Polly gave us a guided tour and explained some of their plans for the space.

Afterwards we arranged to meet up with James A for a coffee at a nearby café where we sat outside in the sunshine - it was really nice to catch-up. James then gave us a guided tour of the neighbourhood before we headed back to TOG Bloomsbury. We retired to the pub relatively early for a short retrospective, before heading our separate ways for the weekend.

Until next time!

– James

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