Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 433

Afternoon folks. I trust you’re all well.

I feel as though we’ve had quite a productive week despite (or because of?) the bank holiday.

Chris L rejoined us on Wednesday after a long weekend away.

We continue to spend the majority of our time working on Manuals Publisher for GDS with some GFR and CoTech thrown in around the sides.

Manuals Publisher

We met with Paul Bowsher for one of our regular catch-ups on Wednesday. Paul seemed happy with our progress and for us to continue in the direction we’re heading. The only additional request was for us to get the app upgraded to Rails 5.1.

Our focus this week has been on:

Simplifying the renderers

Simplifying the exporters

Persisting Sections

Upgrading to Rails 4


James A has recently increased the number of tasks we’re able to create in Harmonia. We’ve immediately made use of this increase by moving the tasks from our IFTTT + Google Calendar + Trello workaround to Harmonia. Thanks, James!

Since upgrading our TOG membership to co-working we’ve been in a bit of mess with the invoices/payments. James went through them all in detail on Tuesday and finally got to the bottom of the confusion.

Chris L recently suggested that we make regular contributions to charity. We all agreed and made our first donation this month. Harmonia chose me and I chose to donate to Great Ormond Street after the care they gave a friend’s daughter when she was sick.


It feels as though there’s been a bit more activity on the CoTech front recently. We’ve had a few emails from people looking to get involved, we’ve agreed to a “CoTech summer camp” and Chris Croome from WebArchitects has been busy configuring a Discourse server for the organisation.

Until next time.

– Chris

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