Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 420

Chris Lowis joins GFR!

Exciting news! We’re finally able to share that Chris Lowis is joining us after 3½ years at FutureLearn. We look forward to welcoming him towards the end of February.


James and I started our new contract at GDS this week. We’ve been asked to investigate how manuals are published on GOV.UK with a view to removing complexity and possible duplication.

We spent the majority of the week working on this project. Getting up to speed with the software, speaking to a number of different people to gather information, and even starting to make small improvements to some of the apps.


We continued to help organise the CoTech social during Open:2017. Brian at Outlandish emailed the group to explain how we’re going to try to use Cobudget to fund the bar tab.

We used Loomio to get agreement about content for the CoTech website, due to be launched at Open:2017.

Office phone number

James started to experiment with using Twilio to get a company phone number.

Until next time.

– Chris

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