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Week 419

James spent the week skiing so I was left to fend for myself. Not to worry though, I kept busy with some GFR admin, Mocha development and CoTech involvement.


We received and signed our contracts from Digital Gurus so we’re all set to start work at GDS in week 420.


Time tracking

I spent a while investigating how to record the time we spend working on regular admin tasks. I tried some different apps that integrate with Trello before deciding that it probably makes sense to continue using FreeAgent but to record our time at a finer level of detail.

Are we a co-op?

Our website says that we’re a co-op yet neither of us knew whether we could legitimately defend that statement. I spent some time investigating cooperatives and collectives and came to the conclusion that we satisfy the somewhat loose definition of a worker cooperative. I made a number of notes but they’re in our internal wiki so I can’t link to them from here unfortunately.

Monthly drinks

I was joined by Ben G and Chris L for our monthly drinks on Wednesday. We started in the Lord Nelson but that soon filled up so we moved on to The Crown. I think I was last in The Crown during my Reevoo days (maybe about 8 years ago) so it was good to visit and see that it hasn’t changed a great deal.


I continued to work on my spike to refactor ClassMethod and friends but got sidetracked when I found another class (ModuleMethod) that I need to consider when making my changes.


I visited The Amersham Arms in New Cross and paid the deposit to hire the venue for our CoTech social during Open 2017.

We agreed to test using Cobudget within CoTech to collectively put some money toward a bar tab for the aforementioned social. While a relatively trivial use of Cobudget, it should hopefully help us understand how it works and how we might use it for slightly more substantial projects.

Until next time.

– Chris

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