Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 414

We had a fairly easy last week before Christmas.

We both spent quite a while writing and publishing historic weeknotes and managed to clear the backlog that we’d built up during the year. Despite questioning the value in the exercise (and in writing weeknotes in general) we were both very happy to get these all done.

Google Drive backups

We store quite a lot of data in Google Drive. Data that we’d miss if it weren’t available. We’ve previously tried using Google Takeout to create a backup of the data but that only seemed to include files created by an individual user, rather than all files we have access to.

James spent some time exploring rclone which looks as though it might do what we want.


We continued to make progress in getting signed up with Digital Gurus/Capita so that we can do some more work with GDS.

Cooperative Technologists

James improved our page on the CoTech website and tried to help a fellow co-op find someone to help with some web design work.

Until next time.

– Chris

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