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Week 412 - Interesting links

The Cooperative Technologists have landed

Thanks to Ellie of Outlandish for writing up a bit about the conference that we attended a few weeks back. Thanks also to Tancredi of Agile Collective who’s also written this more detailed post. The wiki elves have also been busy and write-ups for many of the sessions are now available. JM

Raspberry Pi Camera Web Interface

I’ve recently used this on a personal project where I wanted to stream video from a Raspberry Pi camera module over the interwebs. Although it’s not as flashy as some other similar projects I found it more straightforward to install and it seems very solid so far. JM

One-Click Coop

I was quite surprised to come across this online process for creating a co-op. I’m curious to know how much flexibility it allows in choosing an appropriate legal entity, governing documents, etc. I also wonder how much of the process is automated. Via Tom Stuart. JM

Microsoft Azure Notebooks

Microsoft is offering free Jupyter Notebook hosting with support for R and Python. I played around with a Jupyter Notebook with the IRuby kernel a while ago and demonstrated it at Show & Tell 23. It’s encouraging to see the project getting some more traction and, although its Microsoft, the FAQ says: “Currently the service itself is free. This may change in the future, but we hope to always have a free tier available”. JM


I came across this tool in the Ruby Together progress report for December. Apparently the plan is to use it to actively appraise the status of their projects. I’m not sure about everything they’ve included in the report, but I definitely like the idea - it’s the kind of thing I’ve done manually a lot in the past when deciding what gem to use on a project. From that perspective, it’d be great if it also included stats about tests. JM

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