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Week 409

We were at the Digital Co-ops Retreat from Monday to Thursday and I was off on Friday for a weekend away in Ghent.

Digital Co-ops Retreat

We spent a really enjoyable couple of days at this retreat held at Wortley Hall near Sheffield. It should’ve been closer to 3 days but an oversight on our part meant that we missed the very first and very last sessions.

Our time was split between knowledge sharing sessions on any topic and focussed group sessions on how we might all pool our resources to work together. This was all facilitated by Seeds for Change, who did a great job of steering us all in the right direction.

While there was a lot of discussion, there were also a few practical things that came out of the retreat:

It was an intensive couple of days spent with lots of enthusiastic and like-minded people. It’ll be interesting to see whether the enthusiasm translates into action after the event: I certainly hope it does and am excited by the possibilities.

Many thanks to Outlandish for organising it!

Until next time.

– Chris

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