Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 400

I’ve summarised what we did in bullet point form as it all happened quite a while ago now!

  • Spoke to someone who was interested in setting up an energy company. I explained how we’d approach the development aspects of the project and gave some general feedback based on the ideas they had. It was a good chat and we agreed to stay in touch.

  • Spent Tuesday and part of Wednesday working on Fun Times projects - mostly so that we had something to demonstrate at Show & Tell. I chose to learn about TensorFlow while James explored various options for hosting content; notably static site generators and wikis.

  • Hosted Show & Tell 24 at Forge & Co on Wednesday.

  • Continued to work through our annual accounts.

  • Chatted about the future of GFR Video. It feels as though it’s in limbo at the moment and we’d quite like to do something with it to get some sense of closure.

  • Researched options for virtual office addresses and agreed to use UK Postbox.

  • Upgraded our Linode server from Xen to KVM and also upgraded the version of Passenger that we’re using. We want to try to keep on top of these sort of tasks in future rather than reacting when we notice that things have got quite out of date.

  • Split a number of Urban Locker transactions in FreeAgent so that rent and insurance was explained separately. This made it easier to compare the figures in FreeAgent to those in the annual accounts.

  • Improved the error handling in our Webhooks app. This should help us debug the intermittent Trello::Error exceptions we see.

  • Spent a successful day with Hookline on Friday. We want to replace Dropbox with the music library software and came away with a plan for doing just that.

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