Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 398

Note that we’re writing these notes nearly 6 months late which is why they’re in bullet point form.

  • Short week due to bank holiday Monday.

  • Spent our time working on GFR and Hookline.

  • GFR monthly drinks at The Old Salt Quay on Wednesday.

  • Contacted various places to find a location for the Show & Tell.

  • Continued to think about hiring someone to help with admin aspects of GFR.

  • Researched co-working spaces that we might be able to use.

  • Hit the 50 task limit in Harmonia which meant we couldn’t create anymore!

  • Tried to submit data to MISO but failed because the system now fails to recognise our email address as it contains a ‘+’.

  • Upgraded GFR Video to newer version of Rails after reviewing security vulnerabilities.

  • Renewed SSL certificate for

  • Investigated why it doesn’t appear to be possible to join the Show & Tell email group. Added a note to the web page to explain that it’s a known problem.

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