Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 392

Note that we’re writing these notes nearly 6 months late which is why they’re in summary form.

We worked at AH on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We worked at the Barbican on Wednesday morning and from home on Wednesday afternoon. We’re working at James’s flat on Friday.

Not much Smart Answers development this week as we’ve mostly focussed on handing over before finishing up next week.

Handover sessions are going quite well, I think! One with content team and two with developers.

James has got the deploy to Heroku button working and demoed a visualisation prototype to help the content team work out which templates need to be edited.

We’ve started discussing doing some more GDS work in September.

We’re starting to make plans for August. We’re hoping to spend at least a week working with Hookline again. James is hoping to take a break for at least a week.

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