Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 386

Note that we’re writing these notes nearly 6 months late which is why they’re in summary form.

We were mostly focussed on Smart Answers during the week.

Smart Answers


  • We hosted our 21st Show & Tell on Wednesday.

  • James joined Ben G and a few others at the Barbican on Thursday and Friday for a bit of a hack session. James managed to get his sub-hunt game (written when he was a teenager) working on a JavaScript ZX Spectrum emulator.

  • I created a new Trello account for GFR specific boards. I was previously using a single account but was feeling somewhat overwhelmed by having all notifications in my personal email account.

  • We started using labels in Trello to indicate whether we’re waiting on input from either of us or from a third party. This helps us see at a glance whether our input is required to make progress with a card.

  • We split a couple of the larger monthly Harmonia tasks: “Update FreeAgent and Pay Bills” and “Pay our Wages”.

  • We started experimenting with using Harmonia to assign responsibilities for emails that need to be handled.

  • Ongoing discussions with our new accountant to help him prepare our annual accounts.

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