Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 384

Note that we’re writing these notes nearly 6 months late which is why they’re in summary form.

We were mostly focussed on Smart Answers during the week.

Smart Answers


  • James listened to a rehearsal of Chris L’s upcoming conference talk.

  • James hosted our monthly drinks on Wednesday. The original plan was to meet at The Singer Tavern but it was too busy/noisy and so they moved on to The Old King’s Head.

  • We had ongoing email conversations about our plans to work at GDS.

  • Received a replacement Certificate of Incorporation. We had an electronic copy of this but it hadn’t been accepted when we’d tried to use it to set-up business mail redirection in the past.

  • Conversations with our accountant, Paul, as he worked on the annual accounts.

  • Received our countersigned agreement for the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework (DOSF).

  • Created our MISO account to handle reporting requirements for DOSF.

  • Agreed to a retrospective for the Benefit Cap Calculator changes discussed in week 379.

  • James wrote to Aegon to instruct them to increase my pension payments.

  • James investigated new GitHub plans and we agreed to stick with what we have.

  • James investigated submitting our VAT return monthly. We wonder whether this’ll reduce the pain of submitting it monthly.

  • James upgraded Rails in GFR Video and Hookline music library apps based on recent security vulnerability announcements.

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