Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 381

Note that we’re writing these notes nearly 6 months late which is why they’re in summary form.

We were mostly focussed on Smart Answers during the week.

Smart Answers


May bank holiday Monday.

James met Alex, Dai and co at GDS to talk about continuing Smart Answers work and/or possible other projects. James and I had a couple of Google Hangouts to talk all this through.

James contacted his pension provider to increase the amount we pay to his pension.

We complained to DOSF about unsolicited email. We understand the motivation for having a public list of suppliers but making their email addresses so easily accessible encourages unsolicited email. We’re not sure that DOSF appreciate that this imposes a disproportionate burden on smaller companies.

We started recording non-client time in FreeAgent. We want to try to get a better understanding of where our time goes.

We continued to have conversations about attending the Digital Co-op Retreat in November.

We added a Harmonia task to ensure we comply with reporting requirements of DOSF.

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