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Week 367

IR35 tax assurances

We decided to use Egos Consultancy to help with our IR35 compliance. James completed the Working Practice Questionnaire and we’ve sent it back to Egos for them to check. Once they’re happy with our answers, we plan to send it to GDS and ask someone to confirm that it matches our working practices.

We also received an email from Digital Gurus containing some revised contracts for our work with Smart Answers. I spent far too long trying to compare the PDFs to work out the changes. A task that would be trivial had they been presented in plain text.

Smart Answers

When we finished working on Smart Answers toward the end of 2015, we said that we’d be interested in continuing to work on the project in the new year. We emailed GDS this week to see if they’d like us back!


James spent quite some time investigating a problem that causes a number of MP3s to fail to play in Google Chrome. It sounds as though tracing the bug has been a really time consuming process but that he’s slowly getting somewhere with it.

James also upgraded the app to Rails after a number of security vulnerabilities and fixes were announced.

Trello/Harmonia integration

James fixed a bug with the ordering of Trello cards in our Trello/Harmonia integration. The bug meant that the ordering of cards by due date was occasionally broken.

GFR Video

James upgraded Rails from 4.1.11 to As with the Rails upgrade for Hookline, this was in response to the security vulnerabilities and fixes that were recently announced.

Scanned paperwork

James and I continued going through some of the paperwork we had scanned by Mailboxes Etc at the end of last year.

Show and Tell

I finally finished the long overdue write-up of Show and Tell 19.

Until next time, folks.

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