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Week 366

Kia Ora from Wellington!

I’m still slowly adjusting to the traveling work/life balance. A combination of having only just arrived in Wellington and limited Internet connectivity meant that last week wasn’t very productive. This week has been spent in an Airbnb with a proper Internet connection which is much better :-)

Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework

James did a great job of completing the forms required to get us registered on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework. The deadline for applying was 19 Jan 2016 and we should hear whether we’ve been successful toward the end of February. We’re hoping that a successful application will make it easier for people in Government to purchase our services than it has been in the past.

IR35 Tax Assurances

As part of our most recent contract with GDS we’ve been asked to provide them with a tax assurance to state that the way we’re “working is coherent to our contracted terms”. We’re fairly confident that IR35 doesn’t apply to this (or any of our previous) contracts and are currently reviewing our options to work out how best to provide the assurance.

SSH Vulnerability

An email from GDS alerted us to this vulnerability in OpenSSH. As well as following the instructions specific to GDS we also took the opportunity to renew our public SSH keys and update our servers/services accordingly.

Annual Return

There’s not much to say on this one, aside from thanking James for submitting our annual return.

Until next time.

– Chris

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