James Mead by James Mead

Week 365

This was another uneventful week, GFR-wise.

On Sunday I flew out to Geneva, caught a train to Martigny and another to Le Châble, which is in the valley below Verbier. Around this time there’d been major dumps of snow and most of the lifts and pistes in the resort were closed due to severe avalanche risk.

After a day or two the lifts started opening and on Wednesday I managed to get out for one excellent day of skiing in the Savoleyres area with lots of deep, fresh snow, before I was hit by a ‘flu bug which knocked me out for a few days.

Chris was apparently camping somewhere in the Australian outback at the weekend. He and Amy then flew to Wellington, New Zealand, landing on the Tuesday. They had a busy time looking at camper-vans and trying to work out where they wanted to live.

Unfortunately the internet connection in their hotel wasn’t very good, so I didn’t hear much from Chris for a few days.

Other than the usual GFR admin, I think the only thing of note this week was that we realised the deadline for the Digital Marketplace: Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework was fast approaching and started to think about applying.

Anyway, that’s all for this week.

– James

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