James Mead by James Mead

Week 364

Happy New Year!

Although theoretically this week marked our “return” after the Christmas and New Year break, in practice we were both mostly still busy with non-GFR things.

Chris was in or around Melbourne, Australia, with Amy’s family and I was in London preparing for my skiing adventures in Switzerland. I found this period a bit stressful - trying to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything and hoping that everything I wanted to take would fit in my luggage. Hopefully Chris had a more relaxing time!

Other than a bunch of the usual admin, there was a bit extra associated with us vacating our office at Shoreditch Works at the end of last year. Other than that, the only things of note were:

Anyway, writing this up is part of a concerted effort to “catch up” with our week note backlog. So hopefully you can look forward to more thrilling installments in the days ahead!

– James

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