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Week 320

Week 320 was a slightly shorter one for me as I disappeared for a long weekend on Thursday. I figured it was about time I had a break having been back for just over five weeks :-)

We started the week continuing to wander the streets looking at potential desks and office spaces. Having initially looked at a couple of desks at Shoreditch Works, we then found out about a great little office they had available. It didn’t take too much discussion for us to decide to take it and I’m pleased to say that we’ll be calling it home from Monday 16th March.

We had a bit of a social day on Monday, popping in for a cup of tea with Tom S and then receiving a surprise visit from Jase while we were sat in a cafe round the corner.

As well as searching for somewhere to work, we’ve also been discussing potential new projects since finishing up with FutureLearn a few weeks back. One project in particular is looking pretty promising and all being well we’ll be starting that at the beginning of April.

James received his Raspberry Pi 2 last week, which he hopes to make use of in his Software defined radio adventures.

I published a blog post about our experience of talking about Pair Programming at FutureLearn. I ended up writing quite a bit of it while sat in the Google Campus Cafe and was pleasantly surprised by how well I was able to concentrate in the busy but relatively quiet space.

I finished up my week by submitting our VAT return. It took me slightly longer than I’d expected but hopefully I’ve improved our instructions such that it’ll be easier next time round.

– Chris

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