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Week 317

Afternoon, folks

I wrote most of these notes while James and I sat in the sun on the terrace of Somerset House earlier today. It was just like summer!

The good news for week 317 is that James is back :-) Resting up seems to have done the trick and James was good as new and raring to go on Monday.

As usual, we split our time between GFR and FutureLearn, although we had an extra GFR day this week: We’re coming toward the end of our time with FutureLearn and have agreed to do three days in these final two weeks.


We spent our GFR time on a number of admin tasks and in preparing a presentation about pairing that we’d agreed to give at FutureLearn. I’m planning to write about that in more detail so I’ll leave it at that for now.

James met someone to chat about some potential work toward the end of the day on Thursday. It’s too early to know whether anything will come of it but it sounds interesting nonetheless.


Aside from our presentation, we both continued to pair with various people at FutureLearn during the week.

I spent most of my time with Ricardo, continuing the work we started last week to get on top of the memory issues with our queue machines. We thought we’d arrived at a particularly nice solution on Thursday afternoon before conversations with the rest of the team revealed that we’d overlooked a couple of important limitations! Sadly we ended up reverting our change and going with a smaller but less elegant fix.

– Chris

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