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Week 316 - Interesting links


This non-profit member-owned cooperative describes itself as “a matching patronage system funding freely-licensed works”. I’m intrigued by this attempt to combine the benefits of the Proprietary and the Open Source models. JM

Google Cloud Platform

I’d always ignored Google’s Cloud Computing offering, because I thought their App Engine was limited to using only Python, Java or (more recently) Go.

However, I recently read a couple of articles saying that Google’s pricing compared favourably with that of AWS and that they have a simpler discount mechanism than EC2 Reserved Instances.

Anyway, this encouraged me to read a bit more about their Compute Engine and discovered that they support a couple of easy-to-deploy Ruby “stacks”. Anyway, it seems clear that I should be considering Google as an alternative to AWS. JM

Goldman prepares to muscle in on the lending innovation designed to sideline banks

It’s a bit depressing that “big” banks are moving into the P2P lending space. JM


I came across this open-source alternative to Trello while perusing the apps being made available on the Sandstorm platform. JM

Minimum Viable Blockchain

I found this to be a very clear explanation of the properties and benefits of the block chain mechamism underlying crypto-currencies. JM

Pairing with Junior Developers

Sarah Mei’s top 5 recommendations for mid-level or senior developers pairing with junior developers. Very insightful. JM

Erowid Recruiter

A Markov-powered mashup of Erowid trip reports and tech recruiter emails. It comes up with some amazing tweets! JM


A platform for deploying and running web crawlers. The Crawlera service looks particularly interesting from the point of view of avoiding being banned when doing regular scraping of a site. JM

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