Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 315

I’m back! Howdi. I hope you’ve all been well.

I eased back in to working life by spending Monday at home catching up on what had been happening over the last five weeks.


James was at FutureLearn on Monday before succumbing to illness again and having to head home for the rest of the week. Having caught up on FutureLearn emails I’m not surprised that James went down with something - people appear to have been dropping like flies in the office.

I spent my FutureLearn time pairing with Alex, Mal and Seb. We got scss-lint added to our build process, paired on some QA/tech support and investigated a failing test when running our suite against MySQL 5.6. We spent quite a while investigating the failing test before determining the cause to be related to the new fractional seconds support in MySQL 5.6. The investigation took quite a lot longer than expected so it felt great to finally get a fix in place.


James had picked up a bit by Wednesday and we spent the day between the Barbican, Benugo and the Hoxton Hotel before James once took a turn for the worse and had to head home for some rest. I quite enjoyed working out of different places but I’m not convinced it’s particularly productive; at least compared to working in our own space.

James being ill meant that it was just Ben, Murray and I at GFR drinks on Wednesday. We headed to the Reliance for a few beers and to solve all the world’s problems.

Until next time, folks.

– Chris

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