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Week 313 - Interesting links

Running an anonymised application process for software engineeers

An interesting piece by Jon Leighton on Loco2’s efforts at emphasising diversity and fairness in their technical recruitment process. JM


Turns ECMAScript 6+ code into vanilla ECMAScript 5 code so you can start using the new features of v6 without having to wait for browsers to support it. Via Paul Battley. JM

How to build a Working Digital Computer… out of paperclips

This article introduces an book which describes how to build a “digital” computer out of parts that you might find at a hardware store: paper clips, little light bulbs, thread spools, wire, screws, and switches. You can even use paperclips to make the switches. JM


This looks like a promising alternative to Puppet & Chef for provisioning Linux machines. Via Nat Pryce. JM

The Dawn Wall

An impressive visualisation of a rock-climbing route up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park currently being free-climbed. Fingers crossed that Tommy & Kevin make it to the top. JM

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