Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 305

James and I spent 4 days at FutureLearn and Wednesday at GFR HQ.


  • James and I picked up our security passes at the beginning of the week. Which means that we no longer have to bug people to go to the toilet :-)

  • I cleared out a bit of a backlog of errors in Honeybadger and we discussed how we were going to keep on top of these errors in future. James has already done a great job of clearing through some of the bugs that I added to Pivotal Tracker as part of this exercise.

  • I saw a preview of the UX talk that Lucy, Dereck and Alla were giving at UAL. I really enjoyed it and it sounds as though it was well recieved.

  • I spent quite a while working on AWS IAM permissions. It took a long time to get my head around what we had in place before I could move it to version control and start making changes.

  • We finished the week with sprint review (I can’t believe we’ve been there two weeks already!) followed by beers to say goodbye to Barry McGee. If you’re looking for a great front end developer then I can certainly recommend Barry.


  • We spent Wednesday at GFR HQ and were unexpectedly joined in the office by Tom T, Tom W and Jase. I’m not sure it was the most productive day we’ve ever had but it was definitely fun. We finished it with some post-work beers at the Horse and Groom. Just like the good old times :-)

  • James did a great job of upgrading our Linode instance to Ruby 2.1.4, now that the Brightbox packages are available.

  • James started moving content from our GitHub business wiki to our website. Checkout our instructions explaining how to submit our annual return for an example of the sort of thing we’ve been documenting on our wiki, and what we’re hoping to move to our website.

  • We started working out what we’re going to need to do so that we’re ready for the end of the lease on our current office. Sad times.

Until next time, folks.

– Chris

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