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Week 299

I’m switching back to the good ol’ bullet points this week. Paragraphs are hard.

  • We spent the majority of the week continuing to work on the video project. We were hoping to be able to send out invites by the end of the week but didn’t quite get there. It shouldn’t be too long now though.

  • We hosted our sixth Show and Tell on Wednesday. We had a few people drop out at the last minute but we still had a good number of people willing to share what they’d been up to.

  • I used the excuse of writing the weeknotes to create a little script (trello-archived-cards) that lists the Trello cards we’ve marked as complete within a given date range.

  • We continued our business development efforts, going through our Sales Pipeline and sending out some emails to see what work might be available.

  • We spent some time going through our basic cashflow calculator. Although we never feel 100% sure in these calculations, we’re now more confident that we’re not going to run out of money just yet…

  • James updated our Harmonia/Trello webhooks app to add Harmonia task assignments to the top of our Todo list in Trello. Convention leads us to prioritise the Hamonia tasks anyway and we think this’ll make that convention more explicit.

  • I investigated a problem with our Trello Backup script failing one evening. I didn’t get to the bottom of the problem but it doesn’t seem to have happened again so we’re happy to leave it for now.

  • I configured our Errbit instance to use SSL. No more sending exception data in plain text for us!

  • Tom T joined us for a couple of days in the week and then James A and Hookline shared the office on Friday. Happy social times.

  • We got rid of the remaining office furniture that we’d advertised. We are Gumtree kings.

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