Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 298

I think we had a pretty productive week 298. We managed to get quite a bit done on the video project, tick off quite a few admin tasks and continue to work on some of the other longer-term GFR-related projects we’ve got ticking along.

Video project

The majority of the week was spent working on the video project. We half wondered whether we might be able to invite some friends to test what we’d built by the end of the week, but that turned out to be a little too optimistic. We do now have a pretty good idea of the MVP we’re aiming for and we’re hoping that it won’t be too much longer before we can start asking for some feedback.

We’d both felt a little frustrated by our achievements in week 297, mainly due to the change in direction, so the sense of progress this week was a welcome boost.

GFR process

We’ve started having mini retrospectives on Monday mornings as part of our weekly planning sessions. It’s early days but we’re finding it useful to remind us of what happened in the week before, and hopefully it’ll help identify any persistent problems.

We’ve also agreed that our Monday planning sessions are generally useful, and that we want to continue with them. We spend about an hour coming up with some really high levels goals for the week, sorting through our primary Trello board and scheduling when we’re going to fit in our admin/process work around our main project work.

GFR admin

We’ve chosen to publish our week links fortnightly instead of weekly. We’ve been recording how long it takes us to perform some of our regular tasks and the weeklinks have been taking an average of 2 hours a week. We don’t want to stop publishing them so we’ve decided to reduce the frequency to give us more time to concentrate on other things.

We continued to improve the documentation around our FreeAgent accounting task. Making the tasks as small as possible, and the documentation as specific as possible, should pave the way for us to automate some of these regular tasks.

Office admin

Following a fire safety review, we had Green Workforce in to tighten the self-closing mechanisms on our fire doors. While the doors certainly do now fully close on their own, they do so with enough force to do some damage should you get your fingers caught!

Over and out.

– Chris

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