Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 296

G’day, folks. I hope you’re all well, and that those of you in London are enjoying this beautiful September weather.

  • We made some progress on the Video project, although maybe not as much as we would’ve liked. Both James and I ended up spending longer than expected on two unrelated tasks: James on introducing Login with Amazon and me configuring SSL for the app.

  • Murray popped in for lunch on Monday. We had a great discussion about structuring web apps (specifically when you might choose to break a growing app apart) and STI.

  • James and I met someone involved with 3D printing about some potential work. It was a relatively short meeting which meant that we didn’t really get to go into too much detail about how we work. James subsequently did a great job of documenting the important aspects and sending them over in an email. It reminded us that this is another thing we’d like to add to our business wiki/site.

  • We had hoped to meet Tom Blomfield following his “Help us build a bank for the internet” email to the Lrug list. Unforuntately, circumstances conspired against us and it didn’t happen. We’ve rescheduled for this week and we’re pretty excited to hear what they’re doing.

  • After a few failed attempts, James and I managed to meet Tom Hall and Mike Jones for lunch on Wednesday. We both worked with Mike way back at Reevoo and with Tom more recently at FutureLearn. It was great to catch up and I am now able to recommend the pizzas at Del Mercato.

  • Chris Lowis was in on Thursday. Chris joined Murray, James and I for a spot of lunchtime lawn bowling at Finsbury Square and we managed to squeeze in an afterwork pint: A successful day all round! I only became aware of the bowling green recently but can definitely recommend it as a very enjoyable way to spend an hour.

  • James and I left the office earlier than usual on Friday. James travelled down to the Isle of Wight to help with Bart’s Bash at Yarmouth Sailing Club, and I travelled to a little village near Stratford-upon-Avon for a wedding.

Until next time.

– Chris

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