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Week 294

  • James was away for the week, enjoying some time travelling the canals and rivers of Franche-Comté.

  • GFR HQ hosted meeting 12 of the Little Schemer book club on Monday. For anyone playing along at home, you can catch up by reading Joel’s write-up email. NOTE. The mailing list has moved to the London Computation Club list.

  • I finished our transition from a shared Apple Keychain to 1Password shared vault. We’ve been using the 1Password shared vault for a while so it was good to move the final few items and get rid of the Keychain completely.

  • I finished the transition from Dropbox to Google Drive. We’ve generally been using Dropbox for file storage and Google Drive for Docs and Spreadsheets but with some file storage too. Having two places to store things is never ideal so we agreed, given that we want to continue using the Docs and Sheets aspect of Drive, to move everything over there.

  • I did a little work on the video project, although not as much as I was hoping to do. I fixed a couple of problems with uploading larger files and started to investigate how much it might cost to run a service like this.

  • I submitted our VAT return. In doing so I noticed a problem with our Free Agent Transaction Explainer not classifying Google Apps payments as EC Services.

  • I was away on Friday, travelling to North Wales for the Man versus Mountain event on Saturday. It was a great event and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a bit of outdoor running fun.

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