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Week 293

Bank holiday Monday and James heading off on holiday on Friday meant that week 293 was a fairly short one for GFR.

I’m trying a slightly different weeknote format today. Both James and I find that it takes us quite a long time to write our weeknotes1 and I’m wondering if this bulleted list format (stolen from the Inside blog) provides a good balance of sharing information while reducing the overhead.

What do you think? Do you prefer the longer format or does this do the job just as well?

  • James did a great job of summarising our work on the Credit Union project. Take a look to understand why we’ve decided not to pursue the creation of a credit union at the moment.

  • We continued to work on our video project. We ticked off some of the development tasks in GitHub issues, and introduced a new Trello board for some of the non-development tasks that we’d like to do.

  • We started to talk about doing some of that paid for work that seems to be all the rage these days. Let us know if you think we might be able to help you.

  • I arranged for GFR to pay into my personal pension. James sorted his out a couple of weeks ago but I’d been dragging my heels somewhat.

  • I contined to chase the PRS for a form that allows us to sign up to some joint PRS/PPL license. They’re pretty good at sending us invoices and reminders but not quite so good at sending us this form.

  • We welcomed Tom W to the office on Wednesday which was a good excuse to have a couple of people over for lunch. Murray popped round and Tom S tried to demonstrate why we mighy enjoy playing computer games (neither James or I have ever really got into playing them).

  • We had our monthly drinks at the Prince Albert on Wednesday evening. I’ve not been there before but it’s a great little pub and the landlord’s birthday meant that they served us plenty of sandwiches and snacks. Great stuff :-)

  • We got rid of one of our filing cabinets to our upstairs neighbour. Just one to go now!

– Chris

  1. We’ve been recording the amount of time we’re spending on some of our regular tasks and the weeknotes have taken us an average of 2 hours a week for the last 5 weeks. 

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