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Week 281

Aloha, folks.

James and I finished our all too brief stint with Makie on Thursday. We’re pretty pleased with what we managed to do in the three short weeks we were there, although it was a bit of a shame to finish up just as I think we’d completely got our heads around the system.

No sooner had we finished with Makie than we agreed to head back to FutureLearn to properly hand over the video project we’d been working on. We had hoped to have it all handed over before starting with Makie but time got the better of us. Although I think we left everything in a reasonable state, not having time for the handover certainly wasn’t ideal and we really appreciate FutureLearn’s patience while we’ve been away.


Since leaving GFR last year, James A has been steadily developing Harmonia: The tool we use to ensure that we don’t forget to handle those important company tasks. He’s been doing a great job and has recently announced the paid plans. We’ve currently got around 20 tasks that Harmonia helps us get done so we’ve signed up for the Company plan. While we’re yet to try them, this plan also gives us access to Webhooks and Trello integration that should allow us to streamline some of our Harmonia workflow. Great work, James.

Little Schemer and Boring conf

GFR once again hosted the Little Schemer book club meeting on Monday. There’s no writeup but having spoken to James M and Tom S it sounds like they made some pretty good progress in a pretty jovial atmosphere :-)

And finally. James headed to, and enjoyed, Boring conf last Saturday. If you didn’t make it then you can catch up with this comprehensive looking overview by diamond geezer, and this more indepth Guardian overview of the talk by the creator of Comic Sans.

Until next time.

– Chris

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