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Week 279

Howdi, folks.

Week 279 all went by pretty quickly. A feeling that was exacerbated for me as I took Friday off to prepare for my brother’s wedding.

James and I spent the week divided between MakieLab and FutureLearn.

We started working with MakieLab on Monday and have been working hard to try to get our heads around both the system and Python and Django. It does feel as though we’ve been moving a little slowly but I think that’s probably to be expected given the size of the system and the unfamiliar language.

It’s been great to work with Ben G again and to be working in a slightly different environment. The Makie offices have a certain buzz about them that’s hard to place, although I wonder if it’s related to the creation of physical, rather than purely digital, products.

James took on the bulk of the FutureLearn duties last week, and has done a great job of finishing up some of the work that we didn’t quite get to before starting with Makie. Thanks, James!

Aside from Makie and FutureLearn, we also hosted the 7th installment of the Little Schemer book club. The 8th installment is on the 2nd June if you’re interested.

I also attempted to host another IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club but it ended up being pretty quiet with just James and I. Maybe I should announce it more than a couple of days in advance next time!

– Chris.

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