Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 273

Howdi folks.

I had to do without James for the first part of the week, as he’d managed to squeeze in a last minute ski touring trip in Norway. It sounds like he had a great time, and he didn’t come back too achy from all the physical exertion, which is splendid. I did have Paul and Jase to keep me company in James’s absence though, so I avoided getting too lonely.

Most of the week was spent working with FutureLearn, on a project whose aim is to improve the video experience for their learners. Although we’ve been working on it for three weeks now, we’re still in the early stages of understanding what some of the problems are, and evaluating some of our options for solving those problems. To that end, we’ve been adding some logging to help us see if we can spot any patterns in the environments (devices and browsers) that appear to cause us problems; and we’ve been investigating Video.js and MediaElement.js to see if they might give us a little more control over the player.

I’m not sure there was much of note on the GFR front during the week. The GFR time we had was mostly spent trying to keep on top of some of the more mundane things that we need to do to keep the business ticking along.

I hope you all have great weeks, and that those of you in London enjoy this beautiful weather. Until next time.

– Chris

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