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Week 269

Howdi, folks. I trust you’re all well and, for those of you in London, that you’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve had. For those of you not in London, you can experience it virtually through this 60 second timelapse of the splendid Sunday we had at the beginning of the week.

With the introductions out of the way, let’s get on with bidness.

Method Log

James did a great job of documenting his work on method_log. He wanted to get it all written up so that he could draw a line under it and potentially move on to something else. That didn’t quite go to plan as he found himself with renewed motivation on completing the write-up and finding other people interested in the project. James is now exploring alternative ways of representing the information that method_log provides and, so far, it looks really promising. I’ll leave it to James to explain in more detail separately.

IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club

I’ve been reading about the Indieweb for a while but haven’t really done much to get involved. I figured it was time to change that and have offered our office to host the first London Homebrew Website Club meeting next Wednesday, 19th March. We’ve got confirmation from Tom Morris (which is great as he’s an active member of the community), Barry Frost and the possible remote attendance of Kevin Marks. If you’re interested in coming along then please add yourself to the wiki, facebook and/or lanyrd.

In other indieweb related news, I’ve compiled another This week in the indieweb for the week beginning 3rd March.

Harmonia + GitHub wiki = version controlled task descriptions

James and I have wanted some kind of version control for our Harmonia tasks for a while. This desire, combined with the realisation that we have quite a lot of valuable information stored within those tasks has lead us to move the descriptions to a GitHub wiki. Having moved and organised the tasks, we’ve realised that it’s very possible that other people might find value in them too. Our hope/plan is to be able to clean them up such that we can make them public for other people to consume. I’m already imagining being able to tell people to “fork our business” on github :-)


We started with the beautiful Sunday at the beginning of the week so why not end with the fogmageddon that shrouded London yesterday morning.

Over and out

I hope y’all have great weekends.

– Chris

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