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Week 267

Afternoon, folks.

Being free from the worry of deciding what to do with the office left me plenty of time to worry about what to do instead! While I did manage to do some productive things (I think), it did feel like I spent an unnecessary amount of time deciding whether what I was doing really was the best thing that I could be doing. Argh! I definitely want to increase the amount of time I feel productive, and decrease the amount of time I’m worrying about what to do.

Aside from the worrying, my week mainly comprised of thinking/reading/learning more about Indieweb, working on my thames time-lapse project and general office admin.

James was good enough to listen to me explain my time lapse project on Tuesday morning. This really helped me understand what some of the important aspects were and helped me focus enough to start producing a daily time-lapse video. Thanks, James!

I spent quite some time researching more about the Indieweb. As well as the annual IndieWebCamps, there are now fortnightly Homebrew Website Club meetups where people get together to work on Indieweb related tools. There doesn’t seem to be anything in London and I’m wondering whether there’d be interest in us hosting it in our lovely Shoreditch office. Would you be interested?

James has continued to make good progress on method_log, and spent last week optimising the performance of the utility. This work has caused James to question whether querying the git repository is going to remain a feasible approach, or whether he might have to start investigating alternative strategies. I know James plans to write about this separately so that’s all I’ll say for now.

We finished up the week by rearranging our office in an attempt to make it easier for the painter to come and make everything (although mainly the water damage) look pretty over the weekend.

Until next time, my friends.

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