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Monday Links - Week 256

Extreme Programming, a Reflection

I’m not a big fan of Bob Martin and his folksy sobriquet, but I do agree with the majority of this article. Reading the little white book back in 2000 profoundly changed the way I thought about software development and the ideas within it remain at the core of my approach. Thanks, Kent. JM

Compilers for Free

Tom Stuart, our author-in-residence has written up his Ruby Conf talk which is well worth a read - if only for the beautiful animated GIF diagrams! JM

Building on SOLID foundations

I’ve only watched the first half of this (quite long) video, but Nat & Steve’s thesis is that there are lots of well-known principles and rules of thumb for what makes a good class, and there are a bunch of high-level ideas of how to architect a system, but there is little guidance as to how to best compose an object-oriented system so that it’s easy to understand and reason about. I think there are some interesting ideas in here. JM


“Create shareable, printable guides to the cities you love”. These look really nice. Via Tom Taylor & Jase. JM

Quick Look Plugins

It’s really useful to be able to preview files containing Markdown, Git diffs, CSV, etc on Mac OSX. Also Homebrew Cask seems really handy. JM

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