Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 253

Howdi. Long time, no speak. I hope that the lack of weeknotes on Friday didn’t affect your weekends too much.

I’m not sure that we have very much to say about last week, really. It feels as though James M and I have settled into a bit of a rhythm of mixing FutureLearn and GFR admin. There’s always been a certain amount of admin required to keep the company going but that’s recently increased with Tom and James A’s departure. We still have quite a lot to do but I think we’re just about keeping on top of it - we’re using Trello in anger for the first time and that seems to be helping. While it might not be the most exciting work in the world, it’s all necessary, and I think that the completion of each of these little tasks leaves the company in a slightly better position.

I’m going to have to leave it there for now and bid you good day until the next time.

– Chris

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