Chris Roos by Chris Roos

Week 249

Good afternoon everybody peeps.

This week I have mainly been lonely, what with Tom having deserted us, James A living in Austin and James M taking a much deserved holiday. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been coping though. Who needs those guys anyway.

On the Tommo front, I see that 37 signals have now announced that he’s going to join them. Their gain is our loss but I really do wish Tom all the best, and I’m sure we’ll see him around. Oh, and he said that everyone should feel free to send him 37 signal product requests and he’ll get straight on them. Probably.

On the Austin front - Austin is brilliant. Although don’t believe all the lies about it never raining. From personal experience I can confirm that it does actually rain every day. And sometimes it rains really, really hard too. Aside from that, though, it was great to catch up with James A and to experience the coffee shop working culture.

On the office front, we’ve started to investigate the possibility of subletting our office. I’ll definitely be sad to see it go if we end up going down this route, but we’re just not making enough use of it. If you, or anyone you know, is interested feel free to get in touch.

And with that I’ll leave you to finish your lunch and countdown the hours to the weekend.

Until next time, folks.

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