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Monday Links - Week 248

The Rails Testing Pyramid

A few weeks back I wrote about rebalancing the testing pyramid. This article echoes some of the same sentiments and talks about making acceptance tests based on user journeys rather than individual features. JM

British Antarctic Survey Halley Research Station (video)

Although I believe the work took much longer than expected and a lot of science stopped while the work was going on, the new Antarctic research station at Halley is certainly an impressive sight. JM

Throw away Photoshop and be true to your medium

There’s been some interest in the idea of in-browser design on our current project. I stumbled across this article by James Weiner which makes some useful points.


A Ruby mocking & stubbing library made in Peru and sharing the sobriquet of Joel Chippindale, the Tech Lead on our current project. Note that I’ve not actually looked at any of the code! JM

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