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Week 226

Good afternoon my friends.


We’ve had another busy week with FutureLearn and are continuing to make good progress. Today marks the end of the third two week sprint and hopefully the business will be suitably impressed at the Show and Tell this afternoon.

Project Los Roques

Tom’s been off all week looking after mini me so it was just James A and I that met our friends from Project Los Roques for a coffee. They recently applied for Techstars London and were lucky enough to get shortlisted. That’s great news and we wish them the best of luck with the rest of the process.

Printers and bidness

James A met with a couple of people who have a business idea that could utilise the GFR Printer. We’ve lent them one of our printer kits (remember that you too can buy or borrow a printer kit if you’re interested) and will have to wait to see what they come up with. The Printer infrastructure is really just a set of prototypes, so some investment to make it more robust would be required before we could recommend anybody builds a business on it. That said, it would be interesting work, and we’d be very happy to collaborate with partners to work on that.

Training and workshops

We’ve talked before, although maybe only internally, about the possibility of us running some kind of training/teaching programmes. It’s something I think we all share an interest in, but haven’t done anything more than just think and talk about. Given that, it was a pleasant surprise to hear from a friend of ours today enquiring if we’d consider helping them with some training. The first step will be to chat to them to understand exactly what they’re after but maybe this is the little prod we needed to make progress with this endeavour?

And that just about wraps things up this week. I hope you all have great weekends.

Until next time.

– Chris

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