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Week 223 - Hello Autumn

Good afternoon everybody peeps. I hope you all enjoyed the summer. I certainly gave my shorts and flip flops a good two day airing before packing them safely back in the cupboard until next year.

I’m going to keep these very short and sweet as we’re all continuing to beaver away on Futurelearn this week.

Speaking of which, it feels as though we’re really starting to find our stride in the project. We’ve been discussing and evolving our development approach with our Unboxed compadres and should have a good product to show at the end of the sprint next week.


Giles Booth has written up his experiences of getting his Raspberry Pi hooked up to the GFR Printer platform, and earned a mention on the Adafruit blog. Good work, Giles!

If you’re interested in getting involved with the GFR Printer project, you can buy your very own kit or register your interest to borrow one.

Inside Government

It feels as though not a week goes by without us mentioning GDS and/or Inside Government in these notes; and I’m not about to break that tradition now as we congratulate the team for getting everything ready to remove the progress bar from the site now that all ministerial departments have been moved over. Great work, team!

Until next Summer.


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