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Week 202 - Spending more time with our family

After 14 months (including a break), over 3,000 commits and who knows how many story points, bug fixes, data uploads, coffees and cakes, we finished working for GDS on Friday. There are always mixed feelings when leaving a project, particularly one you’re so proud of. It’s always sad to say goodbye to people you’ve worked closely with, and it can be hard giving up control of something you’ve put so much energy into. Luckily we know we’ve left the project in good hands – we’ve been working alongside them for months. And if they think our leaving is a chance to cut-corners, stop testing or let other bad habits creep in, they shouldn’t forget we will be watching them!

Working on Inside Government has been a big commitment, and has taken a bit of energy out of us as a company. So for at least the next month we’re going to concentrate on our own projects. For the most part that means improving and promoting Harmonia, but also includes writing some more blog posts, attending more developer events (such as Clojure eXchange on Thursday) and organising our Christmas.

Speaking of which, I hope you’re all coming to our Christmas party on the evening of the 19th. Expect mince pies, mulled wine, alcohol, soft drinks and a general overflowing of christmas cheer. Or at least as much as we can summon in our office.

Until harmonia beckons me again,


This week’s weeknotes were bought to you by Bob, Brett Domino’s Christmas Medley and an overdose of Noddy Holder.

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